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Liquid Pen Type

The most imperative issue in the development of liquid eyeliners is producing eyeliners that do not leak inks from pen nibs or fade but show the smooth performance until the last drop. In order to achieve this goal, we have decided to manage the whole process of eyeliner development, which led to producing unique liquid pen eyeliners no other companies can imitate. In our company, competent professionals for each process - developing original materials, developing containers, controlling quality with latest equipment, and producing in exclusive lines for eyeliners - do their best to meet our clients’ needs and provide the cosmetics of the finest quality.

We are leading our field in terms of research and development for formula. We have developed a formula of black liquid eyeliners using Carbon Black (approved by FDA), and then we moved forward to produce the formula for colorful liquid pen eyeliners including red, blue, green, pink and yellow, which we, as a starter, made universally popular. Another example of our outstanding quality and specialty is the fact that we can develop the formula for metallic colors which have been considered difficult to be created for pen